Cleaning Services


David Haney

Haney Property Management

Waterloo, Ontario

"As a property management company specializing in University Student Housing, we have a great demand for reliable cleaning services. Our company has utilized GP Cleaning Services, and found them to be dependable and efficient, for over five years now.

Their competent staff has always been cheerful, hard-working and trustworthy. For great value and high performance, I would strongly recommend GP Cleaning Services."

Megan Harris


Kitchener, Ontario

"GP Cleaning Services are the best cleaners I have ever encountered in my business. The work I require of them includes probably some of the toughest cleaning jobs ever seen. I appreciate GP Cleaning Services' hard work, attention to detail, and ability to work within difficult and tight timelines.

Few are driven to succeed as GP Cleaning Services is - in any line of work. I would recommend GP Cleaning Services to any business or home owner. "

Mike Milovick, 

B.B.A. Sales Representative

Prudential Grand Valley Realty

"GP Cleaning Services are fantastic. Every two weeks, they come to our house and make it sparkle. They have cleaned places in our house, I thought I could never reach or work up the muster to actually do! By using GP Cleaning Services, we have saved time every week to accomplish other chores and errands that we didn't have time for before.

They are friendly and courteous and I would recommend that they clean your house today!"